Comfortable relief from your sleep apnea is no daydream

Use oral appliance therapy for refreshing sleep, more energy and better health!

  • Is your partner at wits’ end with your ear-splitting gasps, shudders and snores?
  • Have you been told you’ve got obstructive sleep apnea but fear a CPAP mask will be uncomfortable and put a damper on your love life?
  • Have you given up using CPAP and want to explore new options?

Whatever your situation, you’d give anything for a good night’s sleep. You want to stop snoring. You’re plagued by daytime drowsiness and fuzzy thinking. And, as you’re likely aware, your sleep apnea symptoms make you susceptible to other concerns like high blood pressure, heart attack, depression, memory loss and more.

Wake up to new hope for normal sleep

Teaming with sleep dentistry specialist Dr. Carina Vora, you get the oral appliance therapy (OAT) device you need to protect your health and get the longed-for rest and energy you seek. Worn only while asleep, the device is petite (think mouth guard or dental retainer), portable, non-invasive, easy to pop in and out, and easy to clean.

Somnodent Classic

Somnodent Classic

herbst oral appliance

Herbst oral appliance

Thornton Adjustable Positioner

Thornton Adjustable Positioner

Provide a positive, long-lasting treatment outcome.Ease your stress about the impact of therapy on your personal life.Boost your satisfaction with your therapy choices.Suitable when you have mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (or have a severe sleep apnea condition and can’t tolerate CPAP), your OAT device can:

  • Improve your quality of life—from flat and exhausted to bright-eyed and bustling!

“Having this sleep appliance has been wonderful. It feels great to be able to sleep more than an hour before waking myself up. I would recommend this appliance and Dr. Vora to anyone without hesitation.” – E. Marshall

Ready to put your chronic sleep disorder to bed? Call Dr. Vora now at 860-319-0470 or email her today at [email protected].com.

Vora Dental Care deals with the medical insurance coverage for OAT that is similar to CPAP. We keep you updated throughout and beyond the treatment process.